Editorial: U.S. Should Be More Than Dr. No

Dr No“We Seek to Bring Internet to All” far more attractive
Hamadoun Touré is winning hearts and minds for the ITU by focusing on helping connect the four billion people totally unserved. The world is responding, with Carlos Slim just one of the strong supporters of the Broadband Commission. ITU actually has very little money or power so most of what he urges is symbolic. It’s an attractive message even if some of his specifics are unfortunate.

    The U.S. WCIT position is essentially to say no to any change or active effort. In one case – U.N. involvement in security – I think we’re right. Too many at the U.N. understand security as protecting governments from their own citizens, particularly by eliminating anonymity. But the U.S. needs to embrace the development agenda and urge action.

   Africa, the Arab countries and most of Asia do not believe we live in the best of all possible worlds.

“We Seek to Bring Internet to All” is the title of Hamadoun Touré’s article http://www.wired.com/opinion/2012/11/head-of-itu-un-should-internet-regulation-effort/

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