For the record: Dave to Bnetza on the slow LTE rollout

Something is rotten at DT. When the German regulator, Johann Homann, announced a consultation on spectrum and mobile coverage, I sent this note. “Deutsche Telekom has announced a goal of 85% LTE coverage, a shameful figure. In the U.S., without any subsidy AT&T has announced they would go to 99% of the pops in their landline territory. Verizon has said they will go to 97-99% of the entire nation. 

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For the record: Dave to ITAC on open ITU standards

 Both the U.S. government and ITU Secretary-General TourĂ© have taken strong public positions on making the standards process transparent. As I came to understand the ITU system, I saw numerous ways it could be done without changing the rules. So I’ve written to Danny Sepulveda and Julie Zoller at State. I’ll follow up by urging ISOC and IETF to take advantage of the opportunity. 

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