Stupid & Smart


Thinking deregulation will spur much investment. 20 years of dereg has already killed most rules that held things back, so this can’t do much.

Spectrum monopolies beyond the minimum. Obsolete with today’s tech, which allows sharing most spectrum. Telcos may need some for emergency services and for anchoring what’s shared.

Supporting “incentives” for investment without clear evidence they will work. The policy goal is results, not the “incentives” themselves. Most of the time, proposed “incentives” simply go to increased profits,not more investment.

Ignoring company short time horizon. Extending EU spectrum licenses to 25 years will have little impact today. 


Sharing spectrum in all bands. 

Rules needed to make markets work or have important purposes. Protecting competition, good consumer information, reducing spectrum waste, universal service

Outreach to reduce fraud, especially in universalservice. Whistleblower instructions on home page, etc.

Understanding wireless tech is improving very fast. Verizon estimates 40% per year.

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