Randall Stephenson, Lise Meitner; Profile in Courage

papaRandall, with the $85B Time Warner merger pending, is unlikely to disavow his very visible friendship with Donald Trump although I’m pretty sure he despises much of what the President is saying. Brian Krzanich of Intel, Kenneth Frazier of Merck, Elon Musk of Tesla, Inge Thulin of 3M, and even Denise Morrison of Campbell Soup have resigned. 

Donald Trump called the merger, “a deal we will not approve in my administration because it’s too much concentration of power in the hands of too few.” However, WSJ reports the fix is in.  “An approval could underscore the administration’s pro-business credentials at a time when Mr. Trump’s ties with America’s CEOs are under unprecedented stress,” Flint and Fitzgerald point out. 

Steve Schwarzman, one of Trump’s strongest and richest supporters, secured a $20B investment from the Saudis. It was “announced at the royal palace in Riyadh as Mr. Trump and Mr. Kushner looked on,” NYT noted in a devastating article, The Benefits of Standing by the President

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Broadcom Bummer: Blocked By Berlin Ban

Broadcom ban** Update: Broadcom did well on appeal October 10th see below** Tessera patent case pushes dozens of Broadcom chips out of the country. U.S. could be next.  The German court upheld a Tessera patent “for smoothing the planes of semiconductor chips.” The court ruling resulted in this notice on the Broadcom website:

*Certain versions of this device are not available for sale in Germany or shipment to or from Germany, and these versions should not be used in any product destined for the German market.”
It affected dozens of Broadcom chips. Broadcom asserted in court “It will suffer immense damages.”Tessera has also won a patent decision at the U.S. ITC which could block Broadcom in the U.S. after the commission reviews it.
The ban includes versions of the BCM63138, which was probably used in the recent Deutsche Telekom G.fast 212 demonstration. DT is in the middle of upgrading ~15M DSL lines with vectoring, mostly using Broadcom chips.  

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