India’s ~600M broadband > U.S. + Western Europe

The remarkable rise of Reliance Jio, to 383 million 4G users in four years, has brought India to the #2 position in the world Internet. Bharti has 143 million broadband subs and Vodaphone 118 million. (Trai data).Some people still have two sims but that’s become less important as caps are more generous and other charges approaching unlimited.

The U.S. population is 329 million. Western Europe is 222 million.  All Europe, minus Russia is under 600 million. India’s Internet growth is slowing but still substantial.  It will be several years before India, like China, has more Internet users than the U.S.

One consequence is that Internet institutions, like ICANN and 3GPP, are not appropriate to lead if they remain dominated by the U.S. and Europe. Some are uncomfortable with the UN/ITU, but unless existing institutions change, what other choice do we have?

The Internet is for everyone, no matter their place of birth or skin color.   

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