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Verizon Trying to Block Community Networks & Schools From ACP Money

Local networks, schools, and new competitors were at the heart of the advocacy for infrastructure spending. Verizon wants to make …
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For The Record: FOIA and other requests

Elizabeth Andrion Julie Veach and John Nakahata, two respected DC lawyers, requested the FCC keep secret (redact) the amount John …
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Deterministic Networking Moving Ahead

The four Chinese carriers, Huawei, and the government came together at the 5G Deterministic Network Industry Alliance’s meeting on July …
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Killer study: Two broadband providers results like a monopoly. $100B infra spend endangered

Scott Wallsten, who was Chief Economist of the US Broadband Plan, has just published Does Competition Between Cable and Fiber …
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Building towers in new areas the smartest infrastructure subsidy

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are about to spend tens of billions unnecessarily building duplicate networks. The wireless industry is …
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Net Neutrality is Coming Back. So What Will That Change?

Bringing back Net Neutrality is a high priority for Biden, which is great. However, it will make little practical difference …
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