Oct 19 Columbia: State of Telecom Oct 20 Media Concentration Around the World

Milo MedinMatthias Kurth, Robert Pepper, Craig Moffett and other true experts. (Those links take you to comments about who these guys are and what good questions to ask them.) Eli Noam, world-leading public intellectual, and partner Robert Atkinson’s annual State of Telecom will be followed the next day by a remarkable conference on Media Concentration. Events like Columbia’s become even more important as the lobbyists control almost all the D.C. events. (Five of the first six speakers at the U.S. IGF planning meeting were current or former lobbyists, most from giant multinationals.)

The free Livestream is at http://livestream.com/internetsociety/citisot2015. Thanks to Joly McFie and the Internet Society for the stream. Tickets to the live event oost from $25-$150. I’m sure no one will be turned away because of inability to pay.

Tuesday the 20th will be a remarkable event with Eli bringing together more than two dozen scholars from around the world to discuss media concentration.

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