ITU Plenipot 2014 Delegate List

Here are the 2,000 plus delegates accredited to the every four year ITU Plenipotentiary, as of October 10. The list is available to thousands via a standard ITU TIES account, freely available to anyone in the U.S. Secretary-General Touré has encouraged everyone to take advantage of the fact that ITU documents are public and circulate them freely. A few things I noticed:

Africa: Believes ITU is the most important event. Nigeria sends ~80< Kenya, Ghana, Morocco Cote d’Ivoire, Sudan, Zambia, Burundi, Cameroon and others  a dozen or more. The ITU meeting is used as a crucial meeting point of the Africans for more than just the ITU. Since many of these countries can’t afford to go to all the other meetings, so any group that wants to relate to Africa needs to be here. Busan, Korea is not a vacation spot. They come to work.

Central Asia: Large delegations from Kazakhstan and others. Presumably meeting each other here in lieu if effective regional meetings.

England, France: Relatively small delegations, although England is leading an EU attack on the Russians.

U.S.: Only about 7 of about 140 U.S. delegates (5%) represent civil society or consumers. Multi-stakeholder?

U.S.: There are 8 from “three letter agencies” – DOD, NSA, HSA. They are not there to promote freedom of speech.


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